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Agni Sara

Fire in the belly, can be destructive when it signals Pitta imbalance. It shows up in oh so many ways:  depression, stomach aches with fancy names, indigestion, and emotional triggers of anger, irritability in all its forms.    Through thoughtful practice of the yoga sequences of agni sara, fire can be contained and it becomes useful, good, energy.

My downtown, noontime class, TUESDAYS, at the Parish House of Saint James Episcopal Church ( 119 North Duke Street, next to the Public Library ) works on balance in all ways. So Agni Sara is part of our practice, along with alignment and learning to manage our bodies in space.

Email me if you have any questions about this class: MindOverYoga@Yahoo.com

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Good Night Sleep

The dark time of year – windy, restless, unsettled – is upon us. It’s the time to rest, rejuvenate, hibernate when you can. A restless mind can take time to settle.

The poses in this Friday night yoga practise will focus on being grounded, promoting stillness. Then, to emphasize the good in sleep patterns we will share Ayurveda knowledge that promotes sleep. For example, Vata and Kapha sleep on the left side, Pitta on the right.

Come, find out why, find out more about good sleep. Bring a pair of old socks. Your registration fee covers a small sample of therapeutic grade oil, blended for this purpose.

Friday October 27, 6 to 8 p.m.

Register here:  https://myigniteyoga.com/events/





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November News

Tuesdays at noon, Downtown Lancaster
Saint James Parish House, 119 North Duke Street.

Be a Warrior.  Review of Agni Sara in the Standing Poses. Beginning our work on opening the shoulders. That includes the neck, the jaw, you know all those parts that come together and get tight, but it feels normal.IMG_1182

Its not necessary to stand on your head. But we definitely find enough easy safe inversions that you can refresh your brain in this class..

You probably worry about parking. Well, we stand on the porch for about ten minutes before noon, to show you where to enter the building the first time. If all else fails you can park in the Duke Street garage one time. Often we see open spaces in front of the building. If not, you can do a circle, turning right on Orange, right on Queen, and right on Chestnut, go round and round till you find something you like.

This sequenced session on classical Hatha Yoga is designed to prepare the body for Mindfulness – in Meditation and in carrying out our daily life.  A 6-week class card cost is $75 or a Drop In Donation Fee of $17. per class.
The Parish House is located next to the Public Library, downtown Lancaster, at 119 North Duke Street.  Open to members of Saint James Episcopal Church and the public. A portion of the fees for this donation-based class will be used for the extensive social ministry programs at Saint James Church.


Ayurveda News. Friday evening, November 17, 6 to 8 p.m. at Ignite Yoga in York.


You can earn a seriously discounted spot in this class if you dont mind driving at night and will give me a ride to York. Send an email to mindoveryoga@yahoo.com if you are interested.


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Yoga + Downtown + Noon + November

Saint James Episcopal Church,  a very active downtown Lancaster church, has established a strong mission for the art of Contemplation, of Stillness, of Meditation, and all that matters in the world of quietness and prayer.

I am pleased to be invited to lead a 6-week session of Yoga Classes, there, that hark back to the true goals of classical Hatha Yoga:

The Cessation of the Fluctuations of the Mind

Here’s the link to sign up: Yoga at Saint James  . I am including the entire post so that you can see the opportunities for Meditation they offer.  At the end of their post, you can link to the Registration form.  Or you can show up and attend the class as a drop-in.

PARKING:  The class is held in the lower level of the Parish House at 119 North Duke Street ( next to the downtown public library and across the street from City Hall and in the block between Chestnut and Orange.)  For your first visit, allow an extra 15 minutes to find a meter, to walk from a street without meters, or to just park in the Duke Street Garage until you get your bearings on where to park and how much time to allow. Very often there are parking spaces on the same block, even right out front because City Hall visitors tend to come and go rather quickly. The parking authority is very aggressive so be sure to load the meter or park in the garage as the fines are worse than an extra $1.50.


Often forgotten in the pace of modern life, classical Hatha Yoga teaches us how to connect specific ways of breathing with gentle movement of the physical body to relax the mind and the body in preparation for sitting and the stillness of meditation.

This set of yoga classes is designed as a sequence, focusing on breath, movement, and stillness as a path to wellness and contentment. Alignment and balance are also emphasized. All levels are welcome. Chairs will be available. We start a new sequence every six weeks. November/December works on Shoulders. You SHOULD be there !

A donation of $75 per session or $15 per week is requested.

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Quieting the Senses

Withdrawal of the Senses ( Pratyahara, Sutra II, 29) follows the disciplines of postures, then breath control, then Sense Withdrawal, followed by concentration, then Meditation.

…………and then. as we follow all of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, we come to Concentration, and then the 8th Limb, so hard to define, we find enlightenment, the true self, the realization of the Divine.

I am guilty, as all of us can be, to see Yoga as a way to energize or align my body, and then, as a human being in this very difficult world, perhaps there comes a stillness of the mind that allows for rest and for getting a real sense of what is.

It’s easy to stop there. Occasionally, we may think we understand the principles of honesty, non-grasping, being a careful and committed student, non-violence, to name only a few of the Yamas and Niyamas that lead us to being a better person, more compassionate and patient with ourselves and others.  But only then are we positioned to understand the poses. And, THEN, quite amazing, we begin to study Pranayama, breath control, and all of its diagnostic and therapeutic uses.  Ok. We have finally arrived at Limb 3.  This has been an accessible path, given the availability of the simplest versions of yoga available today.

Limb 4:  Meditation. This one, also, seems to be available and getting together to learn and to practice meditation.  That is all around us also.  So, let’s say, we get that one, the fourth limb, the one we always thought was the end point.  That, of course, is just the beginning.

Up through Limb 4, most of us come to these practices for some wish for making us a better person.  Maybe we have pain, illness, stress, all of those self-fulfilling options.

But only then, says Patanjali who has written for us the oral traditions of thousands of years of wisdom, Only then do we come to Concentration, and Samadi, such an indescribable concept.  For there, we may begin to realize all that is more than our own self. All that is revealed, I do not know. But I know these are all quiet places. They require a discipline and a willingness to risk being beyond who we think we are.

Think?  I will say, finally, that Thinking certainly involves the Senses, especially the tongue, which forms Words.


SO.  Look for a rest from words, thinking, all kinds of pain, and come with me for the next few weeks. This is on my mind now. I hope you will join me on the path.  I am actively trying to set up classes for people who are at work ( at home of office ) during the day.

for now, You can find me at The Yoga Room, in Kissel Hill Commons, Noon Wednesdays.


To get to The Yoga Room, take Oregon Pike to the light just beyond Universal.

Turn left.

Turn right on Kissel Hill road ( in .2 miles), then go 1 miles to Kissel Hill Commons. Turn left into the Commons and go around the U-shaped, one-way path to The Yoga Room.
You may have purchased one of my 6-weeks series of cards, that works. The Yoga Room Class Card also works. Otherwise pay a $17 drop in fee –

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October 13 Meditation Workshop

 Millersville University is hostessing a Come As  You Are, Conference for Women, on Friday, October 13, 2017. Just prior to the Wine and Paired Food and Chocolates,  I will be leading a workshop called ” The Art of Meditation” from 3:30 to 4:15 p.m.

Registration can be made at www.MUTicketsonline.com  or Call the Office of Events Management at 717-871-5926.

The day includes a lot of interesting workshops, lunch, vendors, and the aforementioned wine food and chocolates pairings at the end of the day.  The event is circled around Alumni Day at MU.  But public is welcome to this conference.




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Stuff for now


Maine cropped.jpg

After 23 years of teaching yoga, meditation and now Ayurveda, I am slowing down, taking a few private students, continuing my own study, and offering group classes here and there, now and then.  Please stay tuned to this blogspot to know where I am and what is on my mind right now. Now that’s a scary thought !  Go to the bottom right of the home page and put your email address in the FOLLOW window if you want to get an alert when I make an announcement here

Please join me at any of these class times and places.  You can always find have some laughter, some support,  and some learning.Bound to Sit.jpg

You will be welcomed, entertained, aligned, balanced, and you might even taste the stillness of a quiet mind.

Meditation can be fun.


Supported Version of the lateral shoulder opening pose called Vasisthasana, named for an important yoga sage.

Ignite Yoga Studio. Eastern Blvd, York, PA

Workshops for teacher training

Watch for public workshops about Ayurveda and about Mindfulness

Techniques to relax the body and quiet the mind. It’s a lot easier in the company of a group of meditators. Take this chance to sit with experienced yogi meditators who are moving along the path to the stillness of body and mind



any questions:   Call me at 717 576-2099 or send an email to mindoveryoga@yahoo.com

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Bare Bones Yoga, Begin Again.

Now and again, I go to a yoga class in Manhattan. This is my study time. I’ve treated myself to Iyengar Yoga for many years. At one time, I trembled, but I went into Level 3 classes. Or I signed up for workshops on complicated, advanced issues of continuing education. At one time I trembled to the extreme but I showed up for an Iyengar yoga class in Paris.

This is my graduate degree.  I’ve been piling up this knowledge, as a teacher, since 1995.

The longer it goes, the more I love the basics that always seemed so, well, boring to me.  Pranayama – breathing practices and the ultimate point of yoga: Meditation.  The quiet mind.

To quiet the mind, I find, its necessary to relax and align the body. Sitting quietly and in silence is difficult enough. When your back hurts or your foot itches or your eyes wander, all that gets in the way of the classic:  Cessation of the Fluctuations of the Mind.

Please. Do make a comment here. Keep in touch. I am flirting with a second Reunion of Students early this spring. If you want to be informed, sign up for this blog in the comments area to the right.