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Ayurveda Study Group

Meeting Thursday,  April 22, 2021, 6:00 to 7:45 p.m.  

at The Yoga Room, 620 Paxton Place, Lititz, PA  (south of Lancaster Airport)

Call or email me for details of the meeting place:  mindoveryoga@yahoo.com

Some basic knowledge of these dosas and the gunas ( Sativa, Rajas, Tamas, and the qualities of dry/wet, cold/hot, and so forth) is helpful.

This is the second meeting of this Third Thursday Study Group on Ayurveda as a means to a healthy lifestyle.

In this meeting we will get into details of Food Combining and talk about ways we have incorporated this knowledge into our lives, so far.

Sleep and Dreams will be other subject. There has been a lot of talk about insomnia and interrupted sleep, perhaps as one aspect of COVID-inspired time staring at computer screens and other factors.

This is set up as an ongoing study group of Ayurveda. A second one, beginning with beginners’ review, will be set up soon. Likely it will take place on a Sunday afternoon, allowing for persons who live together to gather the principles. Ayurveda language is non-threatening way to point out a person’s predilections without insult !

Call, write to text if you are interested. Roberta Strickler. mindoveryoga@yahoo.com. 717-576-2099