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Vishnu’s Couch

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This, of course, is not actually Vishnu because Vishnu reclines on the coils of the serpent with one thousand heads, wearing an ornate crown on each of the heads, while floating in the ocean of the changing world.

It’s more like celebrating the transition from drumsticks to yoga class in a way that is challenging but relaxing.  Fun. And always downright interesting.

We’re still working on shoulders, but we are going to add the groins today, with lots of props and many choices of adaptations of the pose.  Come and visit with our special guest: AID_0043.2_450_253_80_int Now that I have your attention:  Noon, Tuesday, Saint James Parish House at 119 North Duke Street. Bring your market basket and be brave about parking. it’s a beautiful day for a downtown walk. The building is the next one south of the downtown library ( behind which are more meters in the Cherry Street Alley off Chestnut Street. )


Author: MindfulnessViaYoga

For 25 years, a teacher of yoga, mindful meditation, and Ayurveda in Central Pennsylvania. Certified to use Yoga as Therapy for correcting alignment and opening blocks.

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