Mindfulness Via Yoga

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New Dimensions in Yoga

Using a wall and padded slings for support, every student has a chance to test both tolerance for risk and how far joints will open evenly – and at your own speed and comfort level.

I use the wall, now, at West End Yoga Studio, for parts of nearly every class. Every Tuesday afternoon we open joints at the wall, then move through a traditional sequence, and often close with a wall-supported Restorative style pose. The 4:45 p.m. class features a lot of experiments, sharing what works, and pushing our boundaries.

Beginners get basic instruction in using the wall safely. It takes about one hour to learn to trust the ropes and then to use the ropes to accomplish great alignment and even a fling with a fantasy pose. When you have time for a double class, come and stay. From there you can fly like a fly on a wall.

Now and then, on a Sunday afternoon, we give a Restorative class with lots of props, relaxation, and Yoga Nidra as part of calming the mind. https://www.westendyogastudio.com/schedule