Mindfulness Via Yoga

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Yoga at Work

Maybe you are not asked to balance on a rooftop. My yoga therapy training has applications for people who sit all day at a desk as well. We use different techniques for people who have to be nice to customers while standing in place for hours at a time.

Recently we worked with employees who assemble small parts on an assembly line, hour after hour, day after day. Managers sat in with that session. Then we met separately with managers to address their own needs ( more stress than fatigue, reactions not repetitions). With them we finished with a discussion of how to use the yoga exercises in followup, on the floor.

I love to do this kind of work. It’s spontaneous, the problem solving. And each organization has a collection of individuals with different temperaments and body types. In the midst of a group of go-getters there is always a set of people who need gentle movement and mindfulness cues.