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After 23 years of teaching yoga, meditation and now Ayurveda, I am slowing down, taking a few private students, continuing my own study, and offering group classes here and there, now and then.  Please stay tuned to this blogspot to know where I am and what is on my mind right now. Now that’s a scary thought !  Go to the bottom right of the home page and put your email address in the FOLLOW window if you want to get an alert when I make an announcement here

Please join me at any of these class times and places.  You can always find have some laughter, some support,  and some learning.Bound to Sit.jpg

You will be welcomed, entertained, aligned, balanced, and you might even taste the stillness of a quiet mind.

Meditation can be fun.


Supported Version of the lateral shoulder opening pose called Vasisthasana, named for an important yoga sage.

Ignite Yoga Studio. Eastern Blvd, York, PA

Workshops for teacher training

Watch for public workshops about Ayurveda and about Mindfulness

Techniques to relax the body and quiet the mind. It’s a lot easier in the company of a group of meditators. Take this chance to sit with experienced yogi meditators who are moving along the path to the stillness of body and mind



any questions:   Call me at 717 576-2099 or send an email to mindoveryoga@yahoo.com

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Bare Bones Yoga, Begin Again.

Now and again, I go to a yoga class in Manhattan. This is my study time. I’ve treated myself to Iyengar Yoga for many years. At one time, I trembled, but I went into Level 3 classes. Or I signed up for workshops on complicated, advanced issues of continuing education. At one time I trembled to the extreme but I showed up for an Iyengar yoga class in Paris.

This is my graduate degree.  I’ve been piling up this knowledge, as a teacher, since 1995.

The longer it goes, the more I love the basics that always seemed so, well, boring to me.  Pranayama – breathing practices and the ultimate point of yoga: Meditation.  The quiet mind.

To quiet the mind, I find, its necessary to relax and align the body. Sitting quietly and in silence is difficult enough. When your back hurts or your foot itches or your eyes wander, all that gets in the way of the classic:  Cessation of the Fluctuations of the Mind.

Please. Do make a comment here. Keep in touch. I am flirting with a second Reunion of Students early this spring. If you want to be informed, sign up for this blog in the comments area to the right.