Mindfulness Via Yoga

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 Sunday afternoon, October 24, at West End Yoga Studio, Lancaster.

2 to 4 p.m.

Billed as a beginner workshop, but dont worry.  We will look at basics & review. but it is mostly a conference of Ayurveda experiences, ideas, suggestions. 

Suitable for anyone.

These are the Ayurveda-relevant subjects on my mind recently:    

Sleep Patterns . Insomnia of a certain sort seems to have become endemic in the last year or two. There is the influence of watching more television, getting less sunlight, less exercise, more worry, all of that. Ayurveda chimes in on this subject, of course. As do we of the modern world of sleep aids and sleep interruptions. Answers are hard to come by. Meditation, of course, is one avenue toward tolerance. Join us if you want to measure your own angst against that of fellow believers.


Sweet & Salty are so interesting, especially in this changeable season of the year. I’ve been working a lot on getting SWEET into my daily routine without the use of processed sugar     

Grains. After spending most of July at Himalayan Institute with their interesting food, I have been experimenting with many different grains; where to get them, how to cook them, and combining them.  Food combining always on my mind             

Ghee.  Always on my mind.  During an interesting afternoon in a roomy kitchen, the Ayurveda study group made Ghee with a variety of butters from different sources, different farms, different distributors.. All this experimenting is to try to understand the roll of stabilizers in the “rolls” of “roll butter” aka ” Amish Butter…….on and on. Because our butter has to go through commercial sources, interstate rules in many circumstances, and all……it is difficult to get the pure oil and the interesting tastes. All this is also influenced by the breed of the cow. And, of course, did she eat winter hay or summer grazing food. This research goes on and on.

YOGA. We will do a little bit of easy movement, just enough to relax the body. Chairs are available, as are bolsters, blankets, and your own zafu.

If you are interested in a Sunday afternoon of sharing and restoring and getting a jump start on winter, please do sign up. https://www.westendyogastudio.com/events

Tastes can be used to increase or decrease dosa imbalances,